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Information Technology Product Manager

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Who am I

I am an information technology and technical product manager pursuing my Master of Business Administration!

About Me

I am an MBA Candidate at Johnson Cornell Tech with a concentration in technical product management. Aside from my undergraduate engineering education at Cornell University, I've worked professionally for nearly six years, innovating companies and projects alongside building/managing large-scale software development and gaming companies. I work on a day-to-day basis working with freelancers, company owners, and entrepreneurs to make their projects become a reality.

My Skills
Project Management
Product Management
Information Technology
Team Management
Business Analysis
Community Management
Computer Science
Partners & Clients

I love the work I do, but also who I do it with. To working with freelancers, technology entrepreneurs, developers, gaming networks, and building my own company, I’ve done it all.

Voldex Games

Software development company producing computer games and technology based applications.


Software and web development company offering quality-assured services and operating various technology startups.

Corey Donenfeld

Corey Donenfeld is a Web Developer and UI/UX Designer based in New York City building websites & brands that stand out.


Software and anti-cheat game development company based in New York City. Providing the finest anti-cheat security software in Minecraft.


TheArchon is an online multiplayer network server in Minecraft. Supports over 1500 daily players and is under control of the parent company, Voldex Services Inc.

Headwall Games

A creative technology company offering quality-assured gaming services and applications.

Meraki Games

Software development company creating innovative gameplay for popular games.


Jailbreak is a startup online multiplayer gaming network in Minecraft. Caters to hundreds of daily players online.


HydraCraft is a startup online multiplayer gaming network in Minecraft. Caters to hundreds of daily players online.


Six years of professional experience, constant success, and changing companies one step at a time. Product management enables me to provide outstanding results that grow businesses like never before.

Sep 2017 - Aug 2023

Executive at Xyliase

New York, New York
Sept 2020 - Jan 2022

Lead Product Manager at Canvas Gaming

New York, New York
Jul 2018 - Aug 2020

Senior Project Manager at Voldex Games

New York, New York
Jan 2017 - Jul 2018

Project Manager at Moojm

New York, New York

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